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James Matthews must have taken lessons from the Duchess of Cambridge because it appears he adopted similar tactics.While Pippa was busy partying and dating Nico Jackson, another hedge fund manage, James was quietly building his empire friends revealed to Daily Mail.I liked this idea and have adapted it to my experience in relationships.What I have found is that happy couples are all alike; every unhappy couple is unhappy in its own way. To be happy, a couple needs to become practitioners of full set of skills that make relationships happy. So when a person asks me where to start, this principle suggests they start by identifying what tools they are missing.

Another way I like to look at this is in flying an airplane.Undeterred, she followed it up that same year with Be The One which peaked at number 21 in the UK.Her real breakthrough came last year when she hit numbers 15 and 30 respectively with Hotter Than Hell and Blow Your Mind (Mwah).Finally, James Matthews was able to swoop in and romance Pippa Middleton as she had never been romanced before.The insiders revealed that James “patiently pursued his bride-to-be for a full ten years – strategically planning his advances while waiting for Pippa to outgrow the eight-year age gap between them.” This all sounds like a fairytale, doesn’t it?Pippa did briefly date James in 2012 but then decided Nico was the man for her – at the time anyway.

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