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But five years after signing with Lil Wayne’s Young Money Entertainment imprint, Drizzy has become a major hip hop game changer.

He has received dozens of accolades, including his first Grammy for Best Rap Album, and introduced the phrase “YOLO” into the pop culture lexicon.

Lee revealed a video of the two on stage together with the Barbados born singer twerking and grinding up against Drake like a couple who may be intimate.

When Lee asked Williams her opinion on the alleged relationship, she responded, "I think that Rihanna at this point in her life is a holla back girl." The term, which singer Gwen Stefani successfully turned into a hit single with the catchy hook, ""Few times I've been around that track, so it's not just gonna happen like that, cause I ain't no holla back girl," can be interpreted in many ways to mean a girl that you just hook up with to have a little fun out on the town or for that good time "booty call." Williams explained further what her definition of a "holla back girl" is and why she believe Rihanna falls into that category.

As we reported, back in 2016, Yeezy went on a rant during a concert in Sacramento where he SLAMS Beyoncé for reportedly refusing to perform at the VMAs unless she won "Video of the Year" over him and Drake.

He also said Jay doesn't bring Blue Ivy Carter over to play with his kids.

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There have certainly been many hints that Rihanna and Drake have been hooking up once again, with Rihanna popping up often on Drake's European tour, and the two being spotted holding hands leaving a bowling alley last weekend.

I was like, wow, this feels terrible." Most recently, the duo was spotted having dinner together weeks after shooting their "Work" single, according to with rapper Meek Mill, ending any rumors that she might be dating the OVO rapper.

But rumors swirled back in 2010, when Drake rapped about Minaj on the track "Miss Me," featuring Lil Wayne."I love Nicki Minaj/ I told her I'd admit it/ I hope one day we get married just to say we f*cking did it," Drake rapped.

Even with recent reports suggesting that she and Drake have been secretly dating, talk show host Wendy Williams believes this is just another hook up that will soon fade away because men only see her as "holla back girl" and just don't take her seriously in relationships.

On Monday May 9, Williams and entertainment journalist Ellie Lee dished the "Inside Scoop" on Rihanna's dating life during Lee spoke on recent rumors that the "Umbrella" singer has been secretly dating rapper Drake and making many live show appearances with him to perform her hit single "Work," which he's featured on.

Rapper-Singer Wyclef Jean is currently recovering after being shot in the hand on Sunday.

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