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The attitude of Young Celebrity (YC) is making several stakeholders worry about the impact she is making in social media.

During these times of societal issues, several celebrities have decided to state their views in their social media accounts.

(Curtis Compton/Atlanta Journal-Constitution via AP)OPENING DAY: The fun starts this weekend with a trio of tilts, beginning when Archer and Tampa Bay host the Yankees.

SWITCHING SIDES: Lefty ace Chris Sale got traded from the White Sox to the Red Sox, slugger Edwin Encarnacion joined the AL champion Indians and Carlos Beltran signed with Houston.

The issue is now closed.“When I said yes to the show, I didn’t really foresee I was going to be a voice for anyone even. I really felt it was the right thing to do even if I was just really really scared and unprepared,” Rhian said.“First of all thank you for accepting me, even if this role was not originally mine.

When I heard about it, it’s about time, it’s time for this story for this kind of story to be told.

I love Rhian dearly, much more than any of you will ever be aware of.

Last night, he finally cleared up the issues by tweeting: “for those asking and writing, i DID NOT breakup w/ Rhian via Twitter.

He co-produced and hosted the MTV Pilipinas Video Music Awards 2006 and is a radio personality on the early morning show called "The KC Show" on Wave 891.

He was married to singer-actress Geneva Cruz but now are separated.

Conrad’s friends included Renna Hechanova Angeles, Karen Santos, Bobby and Chingbee Cuenca, Lucille and Nick Locsin, Bing Bing Quiros, Gina Aboitiz, Baby Girl Fricke, Gina Godinez, moi and ace photographer Alex Van Hagen, Jojie Dingcong, Jean Goulbourn, Frances Lim and Paul Campos.

Smitten Italian There is this dashing and very eligible Italian, the scion of the family that owns a high-end luxury brand in Europe, who is persistent in pursuing one of our popular women—and not caring even if she’s married and had told him about her husband!

As public figures and having public accounts, these celebrities are fair game for allies and bashers.

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