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Ellen Gray is the television critic for the Daily News and the Inquirer, and has written about TV since 1994.Choosing to use the name suggested by her son's out-of-the-picture, surfing-instructor father, Paul-Louis (Riz Ahmed), wasn't the only surprise Hannah Horvath (Lena Dunham) sprang in the series finale of HBO's Because who could have imagined, six season ago, that a series about an underemployed twentysomething living in Brooklyn would end in a picture-perfect house upstate with an episode largely devoted to the challenges of breast-feeding?Agnes is believed to have found martyrdom, the interior is enriched by golden objects and marble while its basement keeps some ruins from the antique Domitian's stadium; the Moor Fountain (Fontana del Moro) designed by Della Porta and built under Pope Gregory VIII, was later restored and completed by Bernini under Pope Innocents X; the Renaissance Church Our Lady of the Sacred Heart (Chiesa Nostra Signora del Sacro Cuore), imposing palaces such as Palazzo Braschi, Palazzo Lancellotti, Palazzo Tuccimei and Palazzo Pamphilj.Piazza Navona is also well known to be home to many street artists, performers and painters attracting thousands of tourists and locals every day, moreover it is surrounded by a magical atmosphere during the winter time, the Christmas and the Epiphany market takes place here every year, due to its size and location, it is rightly considered one of the most beautiful, crowded and animated Christmas markets in Italy.Among 4,500 entrants, Meyer-Landrut was picked as one of the 20 contestants for the show.Asked about her motivation to apply, she stated, "I like to test myself.

It's weird, the streets around Rome & around the touristy places are just empty.

Driven to explore and find inspiration in what is typically deemed abnormal or shameful, Dunham is America’s equivalent of French writer-filmmaker Catherine Breillat, who forged her own notoriety as a teenage memoirist and continues to court controversy with her authentic (allegedly un-simulated) depictions of sex and her deliberate desecration of Lolita-like fantasies of girlhood sexuality.

Breillat and Dunham invert pornography’s “frenzy of the visible” to reveal misogynistic forces of female abjection, validating women’s bodies, desires, and voices through images as well as subversive confessional “speech acts” (see clip).

Out of her eight cover performances, five of the original songs subsequently charted in Germany, with all but "Foundations" reaching their peak chart position.

In the final on 12 March 2010, Meyer-Landrut sang three songs specifically written for the contest, "Bee", "Satellite" and "Love Me".

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