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Official native Sphinx API implementations for PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby and Java are included within the distribution package.

API is very lightweight so porting it to a new language is known to take a few hours or days.

Changes are recorded from the time a document is instantiated, either as a new document or via loading from the database up to the time it is saved. If no changes have been made, Mongoid will not hit the database on a call to Mongoid supports inheritance in both root and embedded documents.

In scenarios where documents are inherited from their fields, relations, validations and scopes get copied down into their child documents, but not vise-versa. If the document exists in the database, it will get overwritten with the current attributes of the document in memory.

Disk indexes support online full-text index rebuilds, but online updates can only be done on non-text (attribute) data.

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Templates work on client and server as well (and you can swap in any template engine no problem).will allow attributes to get set and persisted on the document even if a field was not defined for them.There is a slight ‘gotcha’ however when dealing with dynamic attributes in that Mongoid is not completely lenient about the use of There are various ways to view what has been altered on a model. To define action you should use reserved global function NOTE: each action should invoke one output method. admin/users#index admin_users POST /admin/users.:format? admin/users#create new_admin_user GET /admin/users/new.:format? admin/users#new edit_admin_user GET /admin/users/:id/edit.:format? admin/users#edit admin_user DELETE /admin/users/:id.:format? admin/users#destroy admin_user PUT /admin/users/:id.:format? admin/users#update admin_user GET /admin/users/:id.:format? admin/users#show Compound controller is a module, that receives user input and initiates response. Each action is called by the request of particular route.The main objective of the framework - web development without pain. posts#new edit_post GET /articles/:id/edit.:format? It's name BTW, mongohq provides web interface for browsing your mongo database, to use it go to and create account, then click "Add remote connection" and configure link to database.

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