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), just like she already owned it, I said can you give it back to me, she said never in your wildest dreeeams and we danced all night to the best song ever, we knew every line, now I can't re member, how it goes but I won't forget her, cuz we danced all night to the best song ever I think it went oh oh oh i think it went yeah yeah yeah I think it goooooooeeessss (duh nuh nuh nuh nuh) Said her name was georg--- ia rose (ow!

), and her daddy was a dentist, said I had a dirty mouth, (I gotta dirty mouth) but she kissed me like she meant it, I said can I take you home with me?

This is an absolutely huge addition when you think about it, because only being able to communicate via text messages really limits your ability to create real connections and make new friends.

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I believe that that nice girl is all mine Don't or do not forget about me tomorrow What do I mean to you now that you are good Oh my love is only for you and you alone my love I like your pretty face on a day like this I like you in the morning when you wake up you look so pretty I don't know a more beautiful girl than you Don't break my heart with a no, just say yes and only yes I promise to love you forever if you love me too Don't take me wrong, I do love girls I love you more Today I am weak like a man in love with a witch. See me on the wrong side of the road and love me with real love I missed her only for a day, but I was still love with her She thought that a morning round was good sex for the day She said I'm lonely Because I am the most clever she had ever seen Only a clever guy Knows about those kinds of things She likes my smile but hates to please me A day is ending and a year is beginning for all of us here My life will not be the same tomorrow.Meet Skip is a new free random chat site that offers a text only platform, but with some really great features you won’t find anywhere else!This site was built extremely carefully in order to make sure that the design would be as clean and compact as possible, while still working on every different type of device you might want to use.But one more matter : DJ not negotiable -Respect what they want.June 7, 2015 11h30 I have my headphones Chillin with Lucy Stone yo lol nah bro THIS HAIKU IS BOLD DEAL WITH IT BRAH WE ARE DA BEST BECAUSE BOLD IS COOL cookies are tasty Toronto is mah hometown lol no way I am running out of thoughts like bread and doughnuts Yum im so hungry 1D IS DA BEST VAS HAPPENIN YA CARROTS BRITS ONE IRISH Best Song Ever by us so sit back and read this dude maybe its the way she walked (ow), straight in to my heart and stole it, through the doors and past the guards (ow!I know who you are, And what you have done today -Happy to agree.

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