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He"ll be drunk on love by the time you"re about to go for the taste test."I have a date with my girlfriend but I want to do something different this time" "I am looking for unusual and quirky date ideas" "I want to think beyond the cliché romantic date ideas and do something unique with my girlfriend" Got similar thoughts?

The best thing about this quirky date idea is that you get to be in the comfort of your own home and avoid spending the hundreds of dollars in expensive spas and massage parlors. You will be amazed at the millions of photo opportunities that any downtown of a developed city has to offer.Have you and your other half grown tired of the same old date night activities in St.Louis - dinner, drinks, scaling the Arch and base jumping into the Muddy Mississippi, that sort of thing?Enjoy the merrymaking and double entendres, but don't forget to bring cash; the Royal Dumpe does technically accept credit cards, but for some reason they practically give you the Anne Boleyn-Catherine Howard-Thomas Cromwell treatment (yes, they nearly behead you) if you try to use one. Louis's weekly "Friday Night Stomp" at the Casa Loma Ballroom, that is.Show your significant other that you still got the moves at this weekly swing dance celebration.Here are 20 unique and unusual date ideas that you can try out yourself.1) Book a masseuse to come home and give you both a massage.

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