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“Now Luna, I need you to think very carefully of your choice. “It looks lovely, but I just hope Cherub likes this.”“Knowing her, I think she might be more interested in getting you to take it off,” Celestia teased. “It’s been over a thousand years since I have been on a date and my first one with a mare. It was rather simple in design for alicorn attire, but Celestia felt it would be more than enough for tonight. ” she asked with a nervous blush.“You look so cute, Lulu. I’m sure you and Cherub will find it to your liking.”“Such a sweet girl for helping her old aunt.”“She loves you, Luna.A wrong choice could ruin everything before you even begin.”Luna bit her lip as her eyes shifted left and right, examining both of her options. I can tell now that purple was a good idea.”Luna sat at her mirror to brush her hair. You shouldn’t be so nervous about asking her for help.”“I know.Everyone has the power to stand up for themselves, to stand up for other people, but it's the few that decide to embrace that power and be heard, and these people are RLSH, and rightly so.SIGMA, because I sum up all the powerful, silent and venomous small creatures inhabiting this world.Mark Reeder - "Giant Mushrooms" (radioactive Fall Out mix)9.Together with the rest of the Nameless Few, I will help to re-integrate humanity--as well as protect the downtrodden, the forgotten, and the helpless."I am a female RLSH, I was born to be a RLSH.I aid those in need, I serve justice to those who deserve it.But I am not just here for the people, I am here for the animals and the environment, for they are part of this world.

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Infamous womanizing coupled with a mysterious girl due to how much hates to unhappy and getting hurt by someone.

“I wonder where that changeling is right now.”Celestia shrugged and rested her head on a hoof. I’m quite surprised she has not tried anything against my student and her friends after all this time.”“She must be planning something big, but that wouldn’t explain why she would send a letter or even mention that she was involved with somepony.”“There are a million possible reasons for why she hasn’t carried out her revenge. We also have to do her hair real quick.”The yellow pony gulped and trudged as slowly as she could towards them.

I hope she has used her time wisely to think over what she has done and better herself. ”Twilight huffed in annoyance while examining her scroll. ”“We’re almost done and you have almost an hour, so just relax,” Dash snapped in frustration. ” shouted Trixie, only to quickly dodge a magical bolt shot straight at her. “S-sure.”Chrysalis took the box and made her way into the bedroom with the two ponies following.

However, no matter how sorry she is, it is going to be living Tartarus for us all when she shows up.”Luna got off her seat and flopped on her bed, thinking about all of the ponies and even changelings demanding that they shove Chrysalis into some deep, dark hole. I’m sure Cherub is relaxed and taking her time, so I should do the same.”Chrysalis slammed her hooves down on the table. “There’s still your make-up, your hair, and your dress.”Chrysalis snatched the list from her and looked it over. Chrysalis whirled around and looked directly at her. Chrysalis was very high strung about the situation. ”The unicorn walked up to her and held out the box. While she was getting dressed, the other ponies and dragon talked. I can’t imagine what it will be like for her to go on a date with Princess Luna! I could show quite a few of my private tricks.”Before Twilight could voice her protest, they heard the door upstairs open. I guess it’s common of a pony to set off fireworks inside of a building,” she reminded in a somewhat harsh tone. “Don’t blame me, blame the audience.”“At any rate, I’m sure whatever Luna has planned will be great.

“Even I still have yet to get everypony past the whole Nightmare Moon incident. Right after the incident with Time Turner, Luna worked up the courage to ask her out on a romantic date to help her take her mind off of things, which she accepted. She opened it a tiny bit and Chrysalis looked inside, smiling widely afterward. ” said Trixie.“I must admit, this is totally surprising. “That would be so funny because…” She fell silent, realizing she could not tell them what she was thinking. “Because…you would be related to two ponies who work with love and yet you don’t have any! “Wow, thanks,” she grumbled.“You know we can easily fix that,” cooed the magician as she brought her face close to Twilight’s. They all quickly gathered at the bottom, waiting for the lucky mare to descend. “I give you,” Rarity pointed up the stairs, “Cherub! Her dress was a mix of red and pink stripes with little hearts around the sides. She has access to the most wonderful places in Equestria and I am more than confident she will not disappoint.

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