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Ohler chatted with C&EN about how drug use by the Nazis impacted WWII.

The inspiration to write “Blitzed”: A Berlin-based DJ told Ohler that the Nazis were high on drugs and wondered whether this could be the basis for a film.

Situated on the northern most point of the river Danbu, Regensburg was originally known by the celtic name ‘Radasbona’.

Immanuel Kant was born on April 22, 1724, in Konigsberg, Prussia, or what is now Kaliningrad, Russia.

Walking distance to lots of restaurants and interesting sites, including the banks of the Main. Knock on the door and I exclaim "wow you really meant 2 mins".Rooms were very clean, quiet and had everything you needed. Greeted our late arrival with a complimentary drink.Our second stay here and it was even better than 2 years ago. Breakfast was nutritious and fresh with a wide variety from which to choose.Among the sites to visit are the Town Hall dating in part from the 14th century; the famous Dom (cathedral), an example of pure German Gothic architecture and the famous 'Stone Bridge', a highlight of medieval bridge building, which has served as a model for bridge building projects over centuries.Have lunch at the 'Historic Sausage Kitchen' by the bridge – the oldest sausage kitchen in the world – dating back to the 12th century.After researching the idea, Ohler realized that the truth could be more fascinating than fiction.

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