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In bringing together the music and writing of Richard Hell, Patti Smith, and Jim Carroll with readings of poetry by Anne Waldman, Eileen Myles, Ted Berrigan, John Giorno, and Dennis Cooper, Kane provides a fascinating history of this crucial period in postwar American culture and the cultural life of New York City.Daniel Kane’s 'Do You Have a Band' illuminates the connection of Richard Hell, Tom Verlaine, Patti Smith to Ted Berrigan, Anne Waldman, Bernadette Mayer, and beyond.And that's by surrounding it with the best people in the world.DJ'S from your favorite bands, a photographer that will make your smiles permanent whenever you think about him for the rest of your life, and an officiant that will go above and beyond any wedding ceremony you've seen before.During the late 1960s, throughout the 1970s, and into the 1980s, New York City poets and musicians played together, published each other, and inspired one another to create groundbreaking art. ", Daniel Kane reads deeply across poetry and punk music to capture this compelling exchange and its challenge to the status of the visionary artist, the cultural capital of poetry, and the lines dividing sung lyric from page-bound poem.Kane reveals how the new sounds of proto-punk and punk music found their way into the poetry of the 1960s and 1970s downtown scene, enabling writers to develop fresh ideas for their own poetics and performance styles.

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This book continues Kane’s passionate scholarship of the formative years of the downtown New York performance/poetry worlds.We've tried to make this as affordable as humanly possible as we all know how expensive a professional photographer and DJ can cost, I'm excited to see what kind of response this gets. Download or update the Riot Fest app on i OS or Android to find out when and where your favorite bands are playing, create a custom schedule, and deep dive into the bands you don't love yet. I do my best to make this the most wonderful night for all involved.Being part of so many weddings has given me great insight towards making these weddings even more over the top fun.Likewise, groups like The Fugs and the Velvet Underground drew on writers as varied as William Blake and Delmore Schwartz for their lyrics.

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