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Raviteja Koti ♦ October 20, 2013 ♦ Leave a comment Function Module to Read Time Clusters B1, B2… Include program: (Import and Export Macros for Cluster B1). Include program: (Import and Export Macros for Cluster B2). So we have to use update the PCL1 or PCL2 clusters and clear the buffer using one more include and Macro. HR_TMW_DB_READ_B1 HR_TIME_CLUSTER_B1_GET HR_TIME_RESULTS_GET HR_FORMS_TIM_RESULTS_INTERVAL HR_FORMS_TIM_GET_B2_RESULTS HR_TMW_DB_UPDATE_B1 HR_TMW_DB_UPDATE_B2 HR_TMW_DB_READ_B1 HR_TMW_DB_READ_B2. We have read the cluster data by using any of above function modules. (Example: group number 60 plus 12 = absence quota type 72). The quota type selection rule group for your employee is 01.Check whether the grouping has been set by feature QUOMO. Specify how you want the time-off entitlement to be determined.Firmware 6.35 brings Sony's cloud-based music service Qriocity to PSP.It features on-demand access to millions of songs through an i Tunes-esque interface.

This is an easiest way to send files to someone who cannot accept them live.

B2 Cluster: HR_TIME_RESULTS_GET Or we have to use macros. While updating if we use rp-exp-c1-b1 or rp-exp-c2-b2 macro it will update data into buffer but not in database. ü We have to use some include programs in our program which contains the internal tables declarations of Cluster.

types: ty_pcl1_key_tab type standard table of purlk.

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Note this firmware is compatible with PSPgo units (PSP-N100x) only.

User Summary God of War: Ghost of Sparta is the sixth game in the God of War series.

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