Pros and cons of dating a much younger man

While at the same time he loves to give freedom to his lady without a single trace of jealousy.

Gemini’s desire for intellectual communication is strong while Pisces wants to connect at an emotional level.

Gemini man’s cleverness includes an unerring instinct for the expedient.

Experimentation is the adrenalin Gemini man needs to keep going.

If we’re speaking botanically, I’d say their romantic relationship has been planted and is being watered — but we’re all getting ahead of ourselves. VLADA As a rom-com sucker, I find Kara and Mon-El’s scenes absolutely delightful.

But from the minute Mon-El was introduced, it was so obvious where the writers were heading with these two that I understand why some viewers have been put off by the romance, especially in light of Kara and James’ abrupt end. Mon-El’s relative boyishness draws out her lighter side, sure, but it steers them more in the direction of a “teen” romance.

Coming off of Monday’s midseason premiere, in which Mon-El revealed his wish to become a hero like his Kryptonian BFF, TVLine’s Matt Webb Mitovich, Andy Swift and Vlada Gelman debated the pairing’s pros and cons.

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