Problem with online dating

So, be on the lookout for women who are just plain bad news. If she sends incoherent messages, seems a little nuts in her descriptions, and is incredibly possessive, even early on…run.

However, I have to be brutally honest about the problems with online dating.

Projection is when one tends to elaborate the information even though it is very little and not that significant to being with.

It’s true there are many great opportunities online to meet your soul mate.

Online dating usually provides a huge number of options: hundreds or even thousands of members of the opposite sex, all of whom meet your basic requirements and all of whom live within a short distance of you.

This embarrassment of riches can backfire, however, because many people tend to give up on a prospective match too quickly.

Talking to someone online, however, isn't the same as talking to someone in real life.

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