Pretem cam


There are a few groups of women who are generally at the greatest risk of preterm labor with twins.

They include women with particular cervical and/or uterine abnormalities, women who have experienced a prior preterm birth, and, of course, women who are carrying twins or more.

You'll find all of that here, including our articles on premature babies and expert content from March of Dimes.

Stress, especially chronic stress, can increase your risk of having a small baby or going into premature labor (also known as preterm labor).

Ease your fears by learning exactly what to expect – from tests and treatments your baby will receive to how you can help.

If you're having a stressful pregnancy, my heart goes out to you.

The truth was that I'd just returned from a shoot where I was playing a bahu and had sindoor.

I was new to the industry then and didn't know the nitty-gritties.

*NOTE: This list is in NO WAY meant to be used as actual medical advice.

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