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Up late at night on a sketchy website and we are hit with the pop-up claiming there are hot singles in your area.

We all know it is BS but these people actually followed through with the spam to see what actually happened.

You’ve probably seen them, and maybe even had a momentary urge to click on one. But to satisfy everyone’s curiosity here are some stories shared online about what goes on behind the ads that are “too good to be true.” “I was once a horny 18 year old who just moved to a new city for college and I knew nobody.

“HOT SINGLES IN YOUR AREA” Just such a convenience that they were online at the same moment you were and wanted to chat about how horny they were. Through one of those pop ups, I found a hookup site that was something cheap like a month.

Not being stupid enough to fall for it again, I closed my account.

The term BWS in personals advertising refers to black and white singles.At the weekend I received a curious email with the subject line “Important ecard notification”.Having worked in the computer security industry for many years, I knew it was likely to be up to no good, but I was quite bemused by the other email addresses it had cc’d into the message. spent to learn that those websites are bullshit is a fairly cheap lesson.” “My uncle used to work for one of those scam dating sites.He sets up the fake profiles and would manually chat with visitors.Solltest du dich nicht an diese Regeln halten, wird dein Konto mit sofortiger Wirkung gesperrt!

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