Polyamory dating in florida

You can rsvp for the group and get this month's location here: The code to use is 'compersion' (without the quotes). The intention of this group is to foster a supportive community in which we can speak freely about our experiences with polyamory and discuss issues that polyamrous women face.Hopefully, this group will also serve as a catalyst for further relationships, connection and community building at large.This will be the fourth year for Endless Poly Summer, the largest of the quarterly seasonal poly retreats that Sarah Taub, Michael Rios, Indigo Dawn and friends produce at Abrams Creek.These aim to build, over five days, an enduring intimate community.

Vancouver Polyamorous Women's Meet 100-150 Members Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, , Canada Website: Phone: N/A Facebook: https:// Twitter: N/A Yahoo Groups Email: N/A This group was created for Polyamorous women in the Vancouver area and is open to all polyamorous, poly friendly or poly curious folks who identify as women.

Polyamory Edmonton 75-100 Members Location: Edmonton, Alberta, T5A 0A1, Canada Website: Phone: N/A Facebook:

gid=9820686495 Twitter: N/A Yahoo Groups Email: N/A We are a social group for polyamorous/polycurious people, as well as our allies, in Edmonton, AB, Canada.

We have since grown into a community, due to the participation of our members.

Nanaimo Poly 101 100-150 Members Location: Nanaimo, British Columbia, V9R 0A1, Canada Website: Phone: N/A Facebook: Poly101 Twitter: N/A Yahoo Groups Email: N/A Polyamory discussion group which meets Nanaimo on the 3rd Wednesday or Sunday of each month.

Polyamory, meaning "many loves," can be defined as the practice of having or pursuing multiple romantic relationships with the knowledge and consent of all involved.

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