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Before making a decision, it is best to meet with an attorney and make an informed decision about whether to proceed on your own or with counsel.I have seen many cases come back after the divorce is finalized because a mistake was made or the final order was not actually what one party thought it was.It is often significantly more expensive to hire counsel after the fact to try to fix a mistake than to hire an attorney at the time of the divorce to make sure all issues are addressed appropriately the first time. While the basis of the divorce may not be based on finding fault, a party’s misconduct can affect the property division, maintenance award, and custody and placement determinations depending on how that misconduct affected the family.

Wisconsin divorce lawyers provide answers to frequently asked questions about divorce in Wisconsin and Wisconsin divorce laws.

(It's not clear what he might have said) He soon had more people connected by creating the first telephone network in the state.

Valentine became a sort of evangelist for the telephone, giving demonstrations around the state.

Valentines are associated with love, but they might just as easily be associated with telephones, especially in Wisconsin.

Richard Valentine was a telegraph operator and owner of a telegraph school in Janesville.

He even claimed a fantastical story of inspiration in Milwaukee, where he’d had seen a string telephone, or "lovers’ telegraph," as they were sometimes called, used by two boys.

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