Phone chats in kenya

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You can always check rates to Kenya or any other destination right from the app in Dial Pad or Settings section.

It allowed individuals with multiple SIM cards, a common practice in Kenya to get introduced to the Orange network while maintaining a SIM from other networks.

In May, Orange announced the unveiling of the Kaduda 2.0 an upgrade to last year’s Kaduda phone. The device packs a 1,200m Ah battery that should last several days on a single charge and goes for Kshs 1,100.

“If your customers are on instant messaging, let them be there,” says co-founder Trevor Kimenye.

Last year, three times as many messages were sent via Whats App or Facebook messenger a day than SMS.

They usually operate on numbers with five digit mobile text short codes.

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Making cheap calls to Kenya is now easier than ever with Nobel App.To cancel a Premium SMS subscription, use one of the following options: Premium rate SMS provides flexibility for marketing (Premium SMS Marketing) via media from magazines and TV through to on-pack promotional campaigns Competitions are run via premium rate phone numbers in phone-to-win competitions, or via premium SMS in text-to-win competitions.The consumer sends a displayed keyword into the associated short code for a chance to win an advertised prize.Ongair is targeting businesses, and mainly those outside of Kenya in Asia and South America.The company is challenging the idea that African startups should focus on solving problems at home first.On this blog, we also talked about the Kaduda Smart device, the company’s new smartphone device retailing for Kshs. We recently had a chat with Orange Kenya’s Virginia Waruingi, who is the devices manager at Orange about all things Kaduda.

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