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Bosch’s now ex-wife, Melody Bosch, adopted the Filipino girl, who is a distant family member, according to the Florida Department of Children and Families.

Melody Bosch allegedly became upset because her husband and the child were “developing feelings” for each other outside of the “approved sexual arrangements.” The girl is now 17 years old and back in the foster care system.

Within weeks of the strike starting, the UNHCR reports that the main village road re-opened and the fighting stopped.

The women of the sewing cooperative along with other villagers were able to deliver their goods and start to rebuild the economy.

"I told them, if you don't agree with me, you will get no salary from me," says Aninon E.

Kamanza of the Dado village sewing cooperative in a UNHCR video report.

Duterte's latest remarks also present a setback for local legislators pushing for marriage equality.

Andrew William Bosch, 42, of Orlando, was arrested on July 27 and lodged in Seminole County Jail on federal charges stemming from the alleged years-long sexual abuse of a minor.#Equality Champs RYsbjqm J0 — Pantaleon D.Florida businessman Andrew William Bosch adopted a 12-year-old Filipino girl for the purpose of sex, Orlando police say.Before he was president, he seemed to suggest he was open to legalising same-sex marriage."Definitely, the gays were created by God and there has to be a reason for that," he was quoted in January 2016 as saying.Andrew Bosch runs Bosch Business Group, a successful tax preparation company.

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