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This tutorial is composed by the following sections: The communication with external web services is done by Spring Integration with gateways.

As explained in the previous tutorial, you can find two types of gateways: inbound and outbound.

However, it wasn’t obvious from the example how you could return your own error messages when the client sends bad XML.

Here’s an approach for elegant handling of those situations.

Recently we had a problem related Springs auto-proxy feature that I think is worth writing about.

We use Spring as our framework of choice because it provides us with a nice set of convenience features when bootstrapping and plugging together our application.

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For example there is one that checks if a bean implements Spring has to create them before it creates the “regular” beans.

After several sprints we noticed a problem with the caching.

While in caching worked for other beans it stopped working for the shown .

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A while back a had a little time to play with Solr, and was instantly blown away by the performance we could achieve on some of our bigger datasets.

A few months ago I used Spring Web Services to build a POX (Plain Old XML, not SOAP) web service for work.

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