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Turn to Verizon Wireless for a little help with their OS X VZAccess Manager [confirmed on the EVDOforums].Keep in mind that you’ll need to complete that initial activation step(s) on a Windows machine (try Parallels or Boot Camp).You should also look at the 2015 BF Phone thread to get an idea of what various devices can be found for: https:// it depends on what specific features you are looking for. After choosing your plan, you'll be asked to enter the phone info for activation.New flip phones can regularly be found for A: It's best to NOT turn on a new phone before registering it with ringplus. Everything should be done automatically for you, but you may have to manually update the phone to get service.There are also select devices from Verizon, T-Mobile, or AT&T that can be used with a Sprint SIM, YMMV. A: "Good" and "cheap" are not specific descriptors.Search for "ringplus" to see recent threads about qualifying phones. You will be given your choice of plans, some require an account balance, some don't.If you want to enroll a newer i Phone, Samsung or other device that requires a CDMA LTE SIM and want to use high speed data, you’ll need to buy a CDMA SIM. ESN/IMEI/MEID is a unique number that helps you find out if your phone and Tello are a perfect match.

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I followed my exact steps as described in the Galaxy S3 thread..guess what..worked. Otherwise, try the old Samsung generic password 01F2030F5F678FF9 for older modem/baseband.

3) You know how to configure DFS to add the serial port where your phone is connected. Hint: Look at the MEID field and ONLY the MEID field. 4) Under PAP: UID: (MEID in HEX) - For Virgin Mobile Pwd: (check the box first! Begin Virgin Mobile: 11) Right click on the first Profile radio button (that's Profile 0), and disable it if not already disabled. A: The answer is obvious, and sometimes it's so obvious that we forget we can get the MSL by calling Sprint if you have a Sprint account. For the Sprint Note 2, I used this stock rooted LJC ROM - SPH-L900_LJC_Root_found here: 13) Under the "Network Identification" section, only modify the first row in the "Home" section. The rest of the rows should be 0's in both columns. 17) Under the "Data Config" section, the only fields that should have check marks are "SCRM enabled", "EVDO Antenna RX Control".

4) You know your phone's MSL and Samsung password and have entered both in DFS. The steps below is how to get 3G working and activate the phone using DFS v4.6.4.1 (or newer): 1) Go to the Programming tab. ) enter your 32 digit HEX AAA password 7) Put a check mark on "Authentication require password encryption" 8) Click on the Write button 9) Goto the Mobile IP sub tab. Begin Sprint and Boost: 11) Right click on the first Profile radio button (that's Profile 0), and enable it. Dial *2 (the Sprint Zone app will appear), and choose Activate device (or Activate phone). 12) Click on the Write button 13a) Right click on the second Profile radio button (that's Profile 1), and enable it. 6) Double click on the COM port where it says "SAMSUNG Mobile USB Serial Port". Tell them you want to donate your (insert your phone make/model here) to someone, but you want to completely factory reset the phone first, ie. t=2032924 I downloaded from Mirror 1 and it matched the MD5. 18) Under the "EVDO SCP" option section, there should be NO check marks except for "Active config". 20) Under the "DS Qc MIP" section, click on the drop down list box and choose "Mobile IP" 21) Under "Profile settings", assign the following: a) "Active profile" - ms2000 23) Under the "Settings", put a check mark on "Dormant handoff" only.

To be sure you can enroll a phone into our network please visit our Bring Your Own Phone page, enter your ESN/IMEI/MEID code and the system will lead you through the enrollment process, if the phone is compatible.

Any Sprint-ready phone that passes all Financial Eligibility checks (free from contract and has no unpaid balance) should be able to be enrolled into Tello.

You didn’t pass the Financial Eligibility Check either because you are still on a contract with Sprint or have unpaid postpaid balance or your phone is locked to another network.

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