Outlook 2016 gal not updating


Over the years, displaying recipient photographs in the Global Address List (GAL) has been a frequently-requested feature, high on the wish lists of many Exchange folks.Particularly in large organizations or geographically dispersed teams, it's great to be able to put a face to a name for people you've never met or don't frequently have face time with.Employees are commonly photographed when issuing badges/IDs, and many organizations publish the photos on intranets.There have been questions about workarounds or third-party add-ins for Outlook, and you can also find some sample code on MSDN and elsewhere.When a new group is created, a provisioning process kicks in to create a shared Exchange Online mailbox, which is used to store contributions to group conversations as well as a shared calendar.Share Point Online is also involved as it provides a shared document library, which includes a shared One Note notebook.To use encryption and digital signature features, the user must have a digital certificate — the combination of a user's certificate and public and private encryption key set.

Alternatively, you can view the large image in the browser using Exchange Web Services (EWS has to be configured properly).

Starting with the 2010 edition of Outlook, Lync and Exchange users are finally able to have their photos displayed directly in Outlook and Lync clients in conversations.

This new feature, although extremely helpful for users, brought new challenges from the infrastructure and administration point of view.

A few years ago, an unnamed IT person wrote of the said IT person.

Luckily, you won't need to turn to your alter-ego to do this.

The most important improvement, however, is that with Exchange 2013/2016 onboard the image sizes don’t have to be limited to 96×96 pixels anymore.

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