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People all over the world know to use their thinking caps when burst onto the scene 50 years ago this summer, shocking audiences and asking everyone how well they really knew their significant other.Come to think of it, was my spouse more rural or urban?And what was the most unusual place we made whoopee?Whether this game show strengthened or destroyed marriages is up for debate.Only ten percent of black people said they would never date a white person.

Game shows have been around since the inception of television, but only a select few have gone on to become an integral part of pop culture.But in the meantime, here are eight vital pieces of information you should know about it.What's more surprising than Eubanks' age at the start of the show, he also had a successful career in the music industry.Not only did he produce artists like Barry Manilow, The Supremes and Elton John, Eubanks also served as the manager to Dolly Parton, Barbara Mandrell and Marty Robbins.At the same time Eubanks was producing music, he was also producing concerts.A woman taking part in a TV experiment examining racism in dating has sparked outrage from viewers after claiming she was not attracted to a black man because his 'nose was flaring' and it made him look 'angry'. The Dating Game, presenter and sociologist Emma Dabiri set out to explore just how much race played a part when it comes to choosing a love match.

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