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They famously hurled obscenities at a chat show host on live TV.But to be fair, host Bill Grundy literally asked for it.Actually it feels like being hit with a ton of bricks. This has not always been the case as models were typically unmarried, with no children and their careers were short lived.Why do you feel that there is a change in the industry where in recent years, it has become acceptable to have a life outside of being a model without it compromising your competitive edge?” That music and that attitude touched some deep simmering well of cultural discontent -- be it lower class frustrations, dissatisfaction with consumer culture or some darker primal urge to burn everything down. For their 1978 tour of the United States, Mc Laren wasn’t interested in building a fan base. So the tour completely bypassed seemingly obvious tour stops, like New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, in favor of places like Memphis, Tulsa and San Antonio – none of which were exactly hot beds for punk.A famous picture of the marquee of the Longhorn Balloon shows the Pistols listed alongside Merle Haggard, giving you a feel for just how weird this tour was.We’ve broken it down by age so we can see that high blood calcium affects the sexual drive in all age groups.Another interesting thing we found was that the male SPOUSES of these women said there was a bigger problem than even the parathyroid-affected wife would admit.

Loss of interest in sex, and loss of sexual pleasure used to be discussed only occasionally with our hyperparathyroid patients, but often people are not open to discussing sex, and only a small percent will actually ask questions about sex in front of their spouse (weird? Complicating the “sex and hyperparathyroidism” issue further is the fact that many patients will bring other family members with them, and you can almost guarantee that your teenage kids don’t want to hear mom ask the doctor about sex–or the lack of sex!

“You've got another five seconds,” he told Johnny Rotten and company. Though the band started out as an elaborate Situationist-inspired performance art piece dreamed up by megalomaniac manager Malcolm Mc Laren, they evolved beyond just being a stunt.

Their music was loud, aggressive and gleefully nihilist with lines like “And I wanna be anarchist, I get pissed, destroy!

Over the past year, I’ve been asking some of our women who answered “Yes” to the question about decreased sexual appetite since diagnosed with hyperparathyroidism and had them tell me if things improved or not.

The graph on the left shows that over half of the 7439 women with primary hyperparathyroidism that we operated on over the past 4 years claim a dramatic decrease in sexual desire and sexual enjoyment.

Thus we knew high calcium and hyperparathyroidism were making people uninterested in sex, and we knew that many marriages were stressed over lack of sexual interest in our parathyroid patients–we just didn’t know how to approach the topic of sex with our patients very elegantly.

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