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But it is a very, very, very small percentage of the community who are abusive, and they just happen to be the ones that shout the loudest." "It was when I started working on a Bravo video game show called Game Face that I suddenly became very aware of people talking online.

I figured there'd be some constructive criticism, which is fine – but what I found online wasn't really all that constructive. '"I started noticing that on Twitter and Facebook, people would send me really disgusting comments.

I don't do it to entertain people, that's just a fucking scam I really hope you die of cancer, I hate every single one of you Fuck the fans [Chorus: Uncle Dane] Hey now, you're a Keemstar Do a trickshot, MLG Hey now, you're a Keemstar Eat your popcorn, goatee And all I report is the news If you can call this news [Verse 2: Uncle Dane] Somebody once asked "Could you spare me from harassment?

Your content is a fucking disgrace" I said "Yep, and to save my rep I'm gonna bully you until you're dead I'll punch you harder than my girlfriend's face" [Pre-Chorus: Uncle Dane] Well, the hate keeps coming for the show I'm running Even if I get banned, I'll just keep on coming Doesn't make sense to give up this shtick I make mad money from being a dick My revenue stream, it is my dream To take online gossip to the extreme I'm a sociopath, don't you know?

After two years of gently suggesting that users switch from the classic Gchat UI to the newer Hangouts platform, Google surprised Gmail users around the world this week by automatically switching everyone over.

Luckily, there’s an easy way to get the old Gchat back.

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Did you like how Gchat’s IM windows were small, and kept out of the way so you could concentrate on your email?When you weren’t messaging anyone, Gchat lived as text-based list of your contacts by name nested in the lower left corner of your inbox.When you clicked on a name to message someone, you could send them text, and later initiate a video conference, but So for those of us who loved the old Gchat, the new Hangouts pane that replaces it is a fucking nightmare.Sometimes I'd be able to play, sometimes I wouldn't. While it's now been a little more than a week since the launch of Gand Theft Auto Online, there are still a few minor issues, but for the most part, you can play as you'd expect.If you're trying to get rich quick (in order to purchase all the exotic cars you want), this short tutorial will help.Straightaway there was this tone of 'Who's this blonde girl? They'd be quite aggressively sexual, although 'it's supposed to be a compliment'. Originally I used to get really cross, and I would comment and comment again, and generally I'd win, and sometimes I'd change people's minds.

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