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Hamstring injuries are a common injury risk in most field sports.

New findings from the Kitman Labs' team suggests that risk factors for screening athletes for hamstring injuries are actually more flexible than previous research would suggest.

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“MLT itu bukalah warga sini dia tinggal di Desa Suka Negara, Tanjung Bintang.

Since version 1.0.0 Scumm VM supports the original cutscenes in smacker format for Broken Sword 1 and the cutscene pack below is not needed.

When using older versions of Scumm VM you need to get the cutscene pack below (provided with the kind permission of Revolution Software) to replace the original smacker files.

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Audio files are available in several languages and to use them you just need to replace the English FLAC files from the cutscene pack with the files from your choosen language and format.

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