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I find myself crouching on a small, circular platform, clutching a microphone, breathing heavily and trying to listen to the voices of the hosts and the previous contestant, but understanding nothing.I'm surrounded by scaffolding, cables and stage machinery, dimly illuminated by fluorescent lighting.Swift has been described in China as America’s most popular singer and Zhang is in his 50s.By Friday afternoon, Zhang’s response to the rumours was the top trending topic on microblogging platform Sina Weibo.And unsurprisingly, many families don’t approve dating before college because they see it as a distraction from student responsibilities.In fact, relationships are sometimes even prohibited by teachers or school principals in China, who need to make sure that their students stay on track.

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High school days are the busiest for teenagers because of the rigorous school work and preparation needed for .But Swift’s fans on Chinese social media largely derided the speculation surrounding the pair.Many pointed out that based on Swift’s dating history, she was unlikely to date someone like Zhang.China has less casual dating than America, and this has a lot to do with China’s conservative history.During Imperial China, becoming a scholar was a huge priority because it meant wealth and status for families (which in turn meant better marriage matches).Why Taylor Swift–Tom Hiddleston hook-up is bigger paparazzi gold mine than usual Swift has been known for her long line of high-profile relationships.

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