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Namely, it uses the same palette as the Hades Gigas, and has the default "Special" attack, "Hit", which would not be unusual, except it actually uses the attack, unlike all other enemies left with said default command. It uses Fire Wall, Lode Stone, or the aforementioned "Hit", and when defeated, it uses the boss death animation.

This is the closest of the three unused enemies to being complete, but it still has a few signs of being unfinished.

As it stands, the only noteworthy thing about it is that it uses a different palette from the similar-looking Blue Dragon and Doom Dragon.

The most well-known of FF6's dummied monsters, there isn't much to the Czar Dragon; it has no battle script, so all it does is attack repeatedly.

It's not the nudity that shocks visitors to Europe's largest thermal spa. On a wintry Friday evening on the outskirts of Munich, post-work pals aren't watching TV or heading out for drinks.

Instead they're sitting at Therme Erding's pool bar wearing nothing but an electronic wrist tag, which tots up how many half pints of local Erdinger lager they've supped through the night. It's a classy Center Parcs – with frankfurters, but without the clothes.

Each set up costs around , or 5 but the "gender swap" setup requires two sets of equipment to function, one for each participant.

But to the naïve eyes of my wife and I, the scene seems almost Bacchanalian, a hedonistic playground as painted by Hieronymus Bosch.

Hundreds of happy bathers aged from 18 to 80 splash naked in 34C healing springs.

The BBC home improvement show, launched in 1996, saw couples swap houses with their neighbours or friends and makeover a room in each house.

Arguably it marked the start of the British public’s taste not only for home improvement shows but reality TV programmes in general.

It's one of the finest RPGs ever released for the SNES.

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