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Specifically, he’s looking to see if the human mind can influence the behavior of entangled quantum particles using a test that first proved their existence.Quantum entanglement describes what’s going on when observation of one particle simultaneously fixes its state and the state of another, distant particle even light years away.Entanglement was predicted by early 20th century equations.The distance involved troubled Einstein, though, who wondered if objects could really be influenced by non-local forces?

"It's a shocking video for anyone to see," Officer Jeanne Mac Kenzie with the Tulsa Police Department said.

(AP) — A water tower emblazoned with the word “sex” greeted drivers as they passed through a town in southeast Wisconsin, thanks to an ill-timed painting break.

The gaffe turned up in Sussex, a village about 20 miles (32 kilometers) northwest of Milwaukee.

WTMJ-TV reports that workers painting the town’s name on the water tower stopped midway through to allow the paint to dry Wednesday.

Village Administrator Jeremy Smith tells the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel the word was fully covered by late Thursday morning.

During the course of the subsequent investigation, investigators recovered videos that appeared to depict Bakker raping and torturing up to 57 more drug-addicted, vulnerable women from the DTES.

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