No registered cam to cam


Even if you set [Auto Transfer] to ON after you finish shooting, the images are not added to the transfer queue list.

This applies to the following models: SWADS-446CAM SWADS-456CAM SWADS-466CAM SW-WIFIPT SW-WIFIPTX Due to server upgrades, a number of Swann Cloud cameras were unregistered from the server and would not reconnect on their own.

"An error occurred while trying to enable Vuforia play mode" You can create a custom profile for your camera by editing "D:/Experiments/Project1/Assets\Editor/QCAR/Webcam Profiles/profiles.xml" I did not find a file there so I created one and it still does not recognize the file there. Im using vuforia-unity-5-5-9.unitypackage (34.50 MB) Unity Version 5.3.1 64-bit Windows10 -Development OS (Mac OS X, Windows, Linux): Windows10 -Mobile OS and Version: Windows10 -Mobile Device Manufacturer and Model name: Windows10 -Do the Vuforia Sample Applications show the same behavior?

Mobile Camera does not work when Im trying it on Android either.

Only "/camera/depth_registered/sw_registered/image_rect" and "#same#/image_rect_raw" gave me results at the desired resolution(640x480) but at some wired format(not as "/camera/depth/image_raw") trying to change the default resolution at realsense_camera_nodelet.h resulted in a flickering(bad) depth image. I saw in the limitation section you mention that there isn't a hardware based registartion, but the software registration doesn't suite me either, is there a way to fix it?

Or something else to try to get a matching depth and color image at 640x480.

The camera automatically starts transferring the queued images to your smartphone when the camera is turned off.

Using "realsense_r200_nodelet_standalone_manual.launch" (with color&depth width and height set to 640x480), and using the topics /camera/color/image_raw /camera/depth/image_raw I get the following results: where the color and depth doesn't match.Please log out from other client to sign in to this one.The Google account authorized Cam Scanner, you need to sign in via Google account.To get started with mydlink cloud services, you need to have a mydlink-enabled product. Please follow the below steps in order to register your mydlink-enabled product and get access to both and our mobile apps.For mydlink-enabled camera, NAS or NVR owners: Open a web browser and enter the IP address "" to access your device's web CAMS brings a world of digital convenience for online Mutual Fund Investing.

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