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Aging actor Lester Rosenthal (Gabriel Byrne), who has lost his way with his career, with his family, and with his friends (Nathan Lane, Frances Conroy, & Boyd Gaines) finds out that the way out is through.

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"They need to be coming to somewhere where they won't be seen by somebody passing who knows them or a neighbour," Nicole says.

Male escorts know that some of their clients aren't single.

One says some women don't think paying for sex is cheating, in the same way that having an affair would be.

When Catarina took the decision to see an escort, she was petrified. I always thought it was other people who did that kind of thing - not somebody like myself." But she is just one of an unknown number of women in the UK who are willing to pay for sex.

Born with a disability, sex had always been painful and uncomfortable for Catarina.

You see Gabriel Byrne in a role unlike any you've ever seen him in before, and he nails it.

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