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We have spent a great deal of time and energy organizing the Nigeria surf reports in a way that's simple to use and clearly communicated.

Our goal is simple: we want to keep you abreast of the current surf and conditions and help you figure out what, when and where to surf via our Nigeria surf reports, our surf cams and our Nigeria surf report travel information.

kindly consider it sold already cause am really interested in it, and delete the ad now because am making the transfer to your account now. Living in London and being used to ethnic diversity, I assumed the questionable language was from a non-native speaker.

I also assumed that, because the ad was placed on the London Craigslist, they would be from London, or at least the same country.

I replied instantly to ‘Pamela’ hoping I’d sold the camera.

My next response came at around two o’clock in the morning: Okay……i will be paying you via my online account, I will also like you to send me your Pay Pal details (Pay Pal e-mail add) so i can be sure and effect payment to you right away. Regards…” With a naïve belief in a just world, I assumed the assertiveness was that of excitement and that they just wanted to lock in the purchase.

Sunflower Farm is one of a handful of No Cull commercial dairy goat farms in the state.

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At Sunflower Farm, every goat born on the farm is named and valued and we cherish our animals long after their commercial productivity while providing them the very best feed, medical attention and love. Although the goats enjoy lots of time grazing in the field and enjoying the attention of visitors, they work hard too.

This little story started after I’d bought a Ricoh GRD IV and GV-2 viewfinder.

See elephants, giraffes, zebras, hyenas and other species in the wild from your computer at home.

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