Nate berkus dating ricky martin


When the restaurant has a web page I provide that, but if not I share a link to a review, Yelp or Wikipedia. That shows me how much people care about our vintage restaurants.

American Ninja Warrior This new episode launches a night of NBC programming tied to the annual charity-supporting event Red Nose Day.

I often search the internet for authentic old-school spots in neighborhoods I visit and finding them is not always easy.

After a lot of detective work I’ve compiled this “Master List” and plan to update it regularly.

Newly out Wanda Sykes graced the cover, giving us some lesbian representation we could be proud of. A slight improvement, but I’ll take what I can get from always dude-heavy publication. )With last year’s improvements in mind, I was sure the 2010 Out 100 would blow my mind. If last year, we gained six, maybe this year we could get five or seven more. There are 22 women included in this year’s Out 100.

Julianne Moore is also there (along with Ricky Martin, Nate Berkus and Johnny Weir).

Out magazine’s 16th annual Out 100 is out today, documenting the year’s “most compelling people.” This occasion is exciting but also a bit overshadowed by inevitable disappointment. Now, I love Julianne Moore as an actress and think The Kids Are All Right, despite the whole “sleeping-with-a-man” storyline, did a lot for gay visibility and normalizing lesbian motherhood this past summer; but, the film’s director, Lisa Cholodenko is also included in the Out 100 and is an actual out lesbian.

I’m sure there are many holes in my research and would appreciate additions and updates in the comments section below.

My criteria for the restaurants here is that they are 1979 or older, although there are a few exceptions, and that they are within about an hour’s drive from downtown L. You will find classic steakhouses, Googie diners, pastrami delicatessens, walk-up hamburger stands and more. As of August 2017 the list is at just 405 places, spread as far south as the bottom of Orange County, east to San Bernardino and north to Santa Clarita. In 2 years since I published this list, it has received nearly half a million reads!

Some of Hollywood's strongest unions are also the industry's most powerful: Ellen De Generes and Portia de Rossi, Elton John and David Furnish, and Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka are redefining what it means to be out and proud in Tinseltown.

Money and fame can lead to some pretty questionable decisions.

You’d think the writers and editors never read our complaints.

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