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A karaoke man himself (he used to be the lead singer in a band called Swank), he immediately tried k Solo - playing a scorching anthem called "Cowboys From Hell" by the thrash-metal band Pantera. The next day, he told his business partner, Chris De Wolfe, to check out the site.

Just three years ago, the exchange between Anderson and De Wolfe might have ended there, a failed musician and a frustrated entrepreneur bonding over karaoke.

(Fortune Magazine) -- One night this past April, Tom Anderson was surfing My, as he does for hours every night, when he spotted a link to something called k Solo on another member's profile page.

The service, Anderson learned, lets you record karaoke online and e-mail songs to friends.

I just think I'm going to feel like a loser if I tell people that I met someone online." ~Online Dating-Phobic, 26, Atlanta Dear Online Dating-Phobic, It's a bit scary, but true: human connections are either replaced or initiated by internet connections.

The stigma against online dating, particularly for twenty-somethings, is really intriguing, especially because you are the generation that founded socially networking sites like Facebook and Myspace.

The Frisky: 25 signs he is not relationship material 1. You are looking for a person to date, someone to be in your life and no one else's, so who cares what your friends think? Think about it this way: what do you gain by trying online dating, and what do you lose by not trying it?By not attempting it, you get to remain safe behind your concept of regular dating, which by your own admission has become undesirable.Here's some insight from Adam Sachs, co-founder of the group dating site "I can see how young people would look at the conventional online dating sites and think that going on one of those dates would make them feel like a loser or desperate. There's nothing organic about creating your own blind date. What's natural and fun is meeting new people in the company of your social circle. It's a group-to-group dating site, a way for you and your friends to meet another group of friends in an environment that is safer, less awkward, and more fun." Another upside to online dating is often you get to know a person better than when meeting them face-to-face when judgments about superficial things may get in the way.I'm not saying to give up meeting friends of friends, or talking to a person who catches your eye; use online dating as just another tool rather than an end-of-the-line solution.programmed to match you up based on a few matching keywords.

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