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“Now it’s a really good product.”Tatis first became involved in Charleston Artisan Cheesehouse at the behest of his boss at Southend Brewery.

Five years ago, owner Keith Jones’ son was toying with the idea of cheesemaking, so Jones asked Tatis to lend his expertise to the enterprise.

We've taken plenty of time to look at pictures of Jensen through the years and all of Jared's adorable family photos.

last year for a 60-second cameo—by definition, playing herself—to explain what “shorting” a bond means while drinking Dom Pérignon in the bathtub of a billionaire’s Malibu condo, I subconsciously shorted .

Here, it seemed, was that girl who invites you to stare and then tells you to fuck off if you stare for too long.

“They were going to close the company, and I thought that was kind of crazy,” continues Tatis, who arranged to purchase the company.

Last summer, he left Southend Brewery to make cheese full-time.

This was Margot Robbie playing her caricature—the retrograde fantasy in permanent soft-focus.

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