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I know everyone wants one for they want the PR juice, I just wish google would stop and kill its PR thingy so everyone is happy.

Put all your members on a special page in your blog...........The problem with the FTP published feeds started last Friday and was resolved yesterday; the problem with the Feed Burner feeds started late last week, and is being reported today.We can compare the native blog feed ("", which redirects to a Feed Burner feed URL) with the native blog feed, non redirected (""), and note the differences in published posts. Here we see the most recent post visible in the feed."" (not redirected)In this example, the post "Money For Chips", published on Saturday, March 28, 2009, did not get updated in the Feed Burner feed, as of 3/28.Change the height of the gadget by modifying '385' in :skin['HEIGHT'] = '385'; Then save the gadget. We want it to appear only on the 'Blog Members' page. The first step is to get the permalink of the Blog Members post published in Step 1 above. It looks like this in my example : we have to modify the widget code.

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