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I will reproduce it as exactly as I can, including abbreviations. The , the golden number, so called because it is the key to figuring out the date of Easter.Note, however, that this lunar cycle, while it has the same practical effect as the golden number, is not exactly the same.At this church the Revd Legh Richmond is thought to have originated the now globally popular idea of using boards with movable numbers to indicate hymn numbers during church services.The tower is of a very unusual style in that it is built on four piers at the entrance to the church. The tower contains a ring of 8 bells which the heaviest weighs 10.5cwt in the key of G. The original foundations for the church were laid in a flat, easily accessible site; each morning they were found transferred to the hill where the church exists today.The Supersizers are advised by their doctor that food must be prepared to balance their four humours, so Sue and Giles discover if they are phlegmatic (sluggish and dull), melancholic (sad), choleric (bad-tempered) or sanguine (sexy and laid-back).

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In parts a somewhat bumpy ride but nevertheless a straight run, which in spite of including a cautious 5.30am start and a three stop strategy, led to an arrival as promised by Mid-day.

Cartmel is beautifully described by its own village website ( as steeped in history but not trapped in time: The refers to the shops, inns and eateries like Simon Rogan’s internationally recognized and trailblazing top end restaurant, L’Enclume.

We booked this hotel at short notice and it didn't disappoint, the hosts Des and Linda are very friendly and will assist you in any way they can.

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