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Everyone knows that that’s the best part of any show, after all.

You may not have noticed while watching, but we definitely noticed looking back on things.

They took home 0,000 for their charity of choice, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.

‘Clash of the Choirs’ is a live four-night musical event on NBC in December 17th.

Nick shocked viewers of Watch What Happens Live on Bravo last Tuesday night when he told host Andy Cohen: 'The best thing about not having Joe Simpson anymore as a father-in-law is I don’t have to play grab-ass under the table on Easter Sunday.' Expect trouble: Nick Lachey may be about to find himself facing the wrath of the Simpson clan after the singer accused his former father in-law Joe of touching him under the table at family gatherings during an interview on Bravo on Tuesday Tricky question: Host Andy Cohen was even shocked when Nick responded 'The best thing about not having Joe Simpson as a father in-law is I don't have to play grab ass under the table on Easter Sunday' Recently tabloids reported Joe had started dating a much younger male model and club promoter after splitting from his wife of 34 years.

The claims were denied at the time by a representative for the Simpson family.

hasn’t been off the air for that long, now, and we bet you’ve already forgotten the most important bits about it.

And by “most important bits,” what else could we possibly be talking about than its famous guest stars?

” The surgery was considered a success, with 99.9% of the tumor removed.

And we figured that you’d appreciate being in the know just like us.

Kim, who has been out of the limelight since her divorce with Kris Humphries, said she only has one love in her life right now... Within the first five minutes of being introduced to him, Khloe said Kris asked her, "So, how much are you getting paid to fake your marriage? " Khloé, who is married to basketball pro Lamar Odom, said she couldn't tell if he was joking or not.

(Fondo per l’Ambiente Italiano) held a benefit gala with a concert, hosting the debut of the Filarmonica Della Scala from Milan, followed by a dinner at the Morgan Library and Museum.

The evening benefited the work of FAI, an organization dedicated to the preservation and restoration of some of Italy’s most important architectural sites and heritage properties.

“[The doctor] said there’s a six to seven percent chance that we’ll see it come back,” she said to the publication.

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