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The ceremony comes to a close when the couple takes seven steps near the sacred fire.Our Marathi-speaking brides and grooms, including NRI profiles, belong to different countries such as India, USA, UK, UAE, Australia, Singapore, Canada, Qatar, Kuwait, etc.Cast: Akiva Goldsman, Brian Grazer, Stephen King, Stephen King Roland Deschain, the last Gunslinger, is locked in an eternal battle with Walter O'Dim, also known as the Man in Black.The Gunslinger must prevent the Man in Black from toppling the Dark Tower, the key which holds the universe together.The Sonu Song has been loved and used by everyone from commoners to vent about their lost love to the radio channels who are trying to highlight various issues.With hardly any details about its origin, the Sonu Sonu is one catchy tune with a mysterious past.The show which airs twice a week on Zee Marathi primetime is raking up high TRPs, with an average of 4.6, and competes with Kapil Sharma's show. While the big names of Marathi film and theatre — the Pilgaonkar family, the entire Sairat unit — have been on the show to promote their films, the likes of Salman Khan, Sonam Kapoor and more recently, Akshay Kumar have also made it to the Mira Road sets in the last few weeks.Walking in the middle of a rehearsal, we sheepishly settle down on a comfortable yellow couch, which is later transported on set for the day's celebrity guest — Avadhoot Gupte, who has recently directed Kanha, along with singers Suresh Wadkar, Sonu Kakkar and Swapnil Bandodkar (who have sung for the film) and Gashmeer Mahajani, Vaibbhav Tatwawdi and Gauri Nalawade, the film's lead actors.

Distraught and desperate, Keshav sets out on mission to win back his love- by battling against the age old traditions, mind-set and value system of his country.

However, when the protagonist finds about the new developments in the country, his stereotypical notions are bound to change.

The movie traces the unique love story of simpleton Keshav and Jaya, a progressive woman from Uttar Pradesh.

With the fate of worlds at stake, two men collide in the ultimate battle between good and evil.

Yeh Hai India follows the story of a 25 year old NRI, who is born and brought up in the U. He shares the same stereotypical views on India as most of the NRIs do.

The satirical comedy, inspired by true events tells the importance of lavatories in a household.

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