Mandating xsi type attribute in a xml schema

An XML document without a specific, well-defined structure is just an ad-hoc set of tags.

Until relatively recently, though, one language to describe those tags, Document Type Definitions or DTDs, lacked the ability to specify information about tags as holders of data.

is the simple metadata schema (based on unqualified Dublin Core) used as the mandatory ? It imports a generic DCMES (DC Metadata Element Set) schema.

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However, effective schema design is difficult at the best of times because of the very referential nature of such schemas, and even automation tools such as Stylus Studio® can only take you so far.However, both these namespace URIs should be under your control to ensure uniqueness and prevent re-use in the future. Next, we must create an XML schema for the new term.We will do this at: the datestamp built in to the directory structure.The easier solution, and the one discussed in this article, is to create an instance of the XML document, then use schema production tools to generate a schema that is valid for that instance.In this case, the more complete the instance is to your final requirements, the more the tools can do to build the schema from it.In each case, the underlying metadata model is described (in a syntax neutral way), followed by some specific guidelines for XML implementations.

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