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They confess to looking at pornography and masturbating.It’s awkward, I know, to say it so candidly, but the only way to defeat pornography in our lives is to admit that we have a widespread problem with it.When you understand what your body is going to throw at you, it’s a lot easier to say, If you know anyone who’s ever tried to quit smoking, these withdrawal symptoms will look pretty familiar.Studies have shown that withdrawal from porn and masturbation is just as severe as withdrawal from heroin or cocaine.As you continue reading, you’ll get a day-by-day walk-through of the most common stages of porn addiction withdrawal.The first thing that happens when you quit is that your Dopamine levels take a nose-dive.Daily masturbation in and of itself isn’t necessarily bad.

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For many people, they consider themselves as suffering from chronic masturbation simply because they masturbate every day and feel guilty about it.Chronic masturbation, also known as over-masturbation, excessive masturbation, self-abuse, and jokingly referred to as hysterical onanism and hairy palm syndrome differs quite significantly from normal masturbation, which itself is healthy, encouraged and has been prevalent since the dawn of human history (and even some animals).Masturbation is a normal sex life (emphasis on: part of, it should not be the only thing in your sex life).I reached out to God for help, and over the course of many months He came into my life. While still an atheist, I remember sitting in an apartment with three Evangelical Protestant friends of mine, and they told me that looking at pornography was a sin. I told them that “every man does this and anyone who denies it is a liar.” While blunt, and not completely true, my words weren’t too far off the mark, even among Christians. And in John , Jesus spoke clearly about what that meant: “Very truly, I tell you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin.” I didn’t want to be a slave, but a free man.A year or so later, God drew me out of atheism, and I became an Evangelical Protestant like my friends. I wanted there to be a way that His words could be interpreted to mean something different from what they seemed to be saying, but I couldn’t convince myself out of what I knew He must mean. I wanted to be set free to love by the Son, and Jesus promised that He would help.(Of course, any sexual behavior can be distorted and used in unhealthy ways, but I’m not going to go into detail about that either, because that is often where the conversation begins and ends.) Instead, I’m going to give some specific examples of how I see masturbation as a healthy part of sexuality:1) For those who plan to wait until marriage to have sex, masturbation can be a healthy way of dealing with natural sexual desire while single.

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