Magellan roadmate 760 updating maps

Updating a Magellan Roadmate 700 GPS system only takes a few minutes.

Magellan updates the maps for its GPS systems to include new roads that may have been built or destroyed since the original manufacturing date.

For the longest time (many months) the Magellan website has been promising the update for the Roadmate 760 to be available in "early July," which naturally has come and passed. Question: Is it worth it to pay another for an update for an outdated GPS unit, when you don't even know if the updates will benefit you, or should one just buy a more up-to-date GPS instead? then they said check to check on-line on October 15th.Magellan website now says Roadmate 760 update will be available in September, and come September, who knows, it may be pushed back even later. Let's cross our fingers and maybe this will be the REAL date..... promised me that the map update would be available the last day of Sept. I think I will just sell my 3000 on E-bay and buy a garmin.I like my 760 too, but I honestly think it makes more sense to pay for a new one, unless you intend to pay over 0, which I do not. Their Website accuracy mirrors their non-existent technical support. They seem to have better support and customer satisfaction, and I read that they update their maps on a regular basis. What a joke, they get you for your money, then leave you hanging. What a joke, they get you for your money, then leave you hanging.Note that the Road Mate units are configured more like an "installed" unit (rather than a unit for the "GPS Enthusiast"), since it has no way to record and download or upload waypoints as with some other Magellan units.The supplied mapping data from Nav Tech seems fairly complete.When you click on a Sponsored Product ad, you will be taken to an Amazon detail page where you can learn more about the product and purchase it.

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