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" Researchers say you can maximize your chances of finding a great partner by choosing the right site from the beginning.

Consumer Reports recommends look for a website that caters to your personal interests, values, lifestyle or faith.

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It's very common for online daters to end up dissatisfied with their results.We will work with you and the business to resolve your dispute.If we cannot find a resolution, we may suggest that you file an action in Small Claims Court or that you consult a private attorney."I was about to give up online dating completely, and then I got a message from Brian," said Emsley."I definitely have that site to thank for my relationship today, so it can work out.In fact, a study showed that online dating sites got the lowest user satisfaction scores of any service Consumer Reports has rated for two decades. "It can be discouraging when you get your hopes built up to meet the right person and then that chemistry is just not there," said Emsley.

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