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And baby, “quality over quantity” has never been an aphorism more prevalent in a NYC gal's life.

So for all our mothers telling us we're being dramatic, our friends in California who tell us they have it worse and all you preteen adolescents dreaming of life in “the big city,” here's what you need to know about New York Men compared to the rest of the world.

If you are a plus size or fat person, you know how difficult it is to date.

Tinder is notorious for its users fat shaming, and this video shows how people react to their real-life dates being bigger than what they expected. It was that video that inspired Woo Plus, an app exclusively for the plus size dating community.

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there are over 25,000 users with 2,000 new signups every [email protected] screen and (orientation: landscape) @media screen and (orientation: portrait) html html, body body input::-ms-clear a a:focus, a:hover ul ul li :focus button, input, select, textarea . Eu Cookie Bar__cookie Button:focus @keyframes scroll Bg Grid Links . Machado says she gained the weight when she returned to eating normally after suffering from anorexia and bulimia before the competition. citizen, says Trump called her “Miss Piggy” in reference to her weight and “Miss Housekeeping” in reference to her ethnicity - both of which were highlighted by Clinton on the debate stage Monday. Trump’s latest comments about Machado’s weight were widely pilloried, with Democrats and some Republicans saying the sharp-tongued businessman had again gone too far. Bill Clinton certainly liked to look at pretty people.” But Andrea Franz, 54, of Boston, who attended a Clinton rally in Durham, N. Trump went so far as to ambush Machado in a New York gym, where he held a news conference criticizing her weight as she sat on a stationary bike and jumped rope in front of dozens of television cameras. Forget it, the way she’s going, she’d eat the whole gymnasium,” Trump told Newsweek at the time. In a conference call arranged by Clinton’s campaign Tuesday, Machado said Trump “always treated me like a lesser thing, like garbage.” Trump has reacted angrily, telling Fox News on Tuesday: “She was the worst we ever had, the worst, the absolute worst, she was impossible. That is not necessarily a sexist thing,” Mc Enany said. In a radio interview Wednesday, President Obama said Trump insults women “in terms of how he talks about them and talks about their weight and talks about how they look instead of the content of their character and their capabilities.” Katie Packer, a GOP strategist who opposes Trump, said: “He only seems to place value based on physical appearance. H., Wednesday, said Trump’s remarks are emblematic of his general views on women. It's the only city where you will go out more and end up with to show for it.

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