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Shining a laser device at an aircraft or automobile, or into the eyes of another person, will be a crime in the new year, thanks to HB1599.The law states that any person who knowingly shines a laser at an occupied vehicle, window, or person “shall be guilty of a violation and the laser pointing device shall be seized and forfeited upon conviction.” Anyone who shines a laser at an airplane will be charged with a misdemeanor and face the same forfeiture penalty. I'll be in PCB soon ---Quote (Originally by Sea Captain)--... Literally hundreds of uncensored live webcams here!(TNS) — CONCORD — As the state Legislature prepares to begin its work for the 2017 session, many laws passed in the last session are about to take effect. When video from a news helicopter in May captured police officers beating a suspect in Nashua at the end of a high-speed chase, the body camera bill, which had been working its way through the Legislature since January, gained momentum. It does not require state, local or county law enforcement agencies to use body cameras, but sets out seven pages of regulations should they decide to do so.New regulations on the use of body cameras by police and restrictions on the use of lasers, as well as a measure that strengthens the state’s Right-to-Know law are in a basketful of bills signed into law by Gov. The regulations define training requirements, circumstances under which videotaping can and cannot take place, what happens to the tapes, who can see them, how long they can be stored, and how much of their content is subject to the Right-to-Know law.

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Then, parental leave has been shown to benefit infant health and early development, but Jennifer Senior argues that if we truly care about our kids’ well-being, the policy should not stop after the first 12 weeks.

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