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The Microsoft Life Cam software is a free program that comes with the Life Cam camera when you buy it.

However some people lose the software or it becomes corrupt or it doesn't work on Windows 10 which is why this program file exists.

To be more specific, some have claimed that it’s capable of delivering 1080p video, while Microsoft’s own information suggests otherwise.

My recent experiments using v Mix have shed some light into the actual capabilities of this inexpensive little webcam. Remember that a USB 2.0 connected webcam is bandwidth limited to delivering a maximum of 480 mbps (60 Mbytes/sec) to the host computer.

This claim I initially found questionable, since it wasn’t backed up by satisfactory technical specifics.

Because of this fact, and given that the video frames from the webcam are uncompressed, the USB 2.0 link can only deliver 720p30.

Microsoft is a little confusing about the capabilities of the Life Cam Studio.

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