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It doesn't matter if your partner thinks you meant yes, or if you've already started having sex — "No" also means "Stop." If your partner proceeds despite your expressed instruction to stop, they have not only violated basic codes of morality and decency, they may have also committed a crime under the laws of your state (check your state's laws for specifics).I didn't resist physically — does that mean it isn't rape? Just because you didn't resist physically doesn't mean it wasn't rape — in fact, many victims make the conscious decision that physical resistance would cause the attacker to become more violent.

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Yet the behavior is common enough to bring police unions to its defense on a regular basis.But amendments can only be proposed through a constitutional convention or with a two-thirds vote by the House and Senate, and anti-abortion advocates have recently criticized the Republican-led House's reticence to take up their cause."We all want teens to be safe — and the sad truth is that some teens live in dangerous homes and can't go to their parents," Christine Charbonneau, CEO of Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest and the Hawaiian Islands, said in a prepared statement."If we make that act (of touching) a misdemeanor we have absolutely no way of getting involved in that type of arrest." In the same interview, however, Case claimed that police "are not out there to go out and find that street prostitute….What we're interested in now is the trafficking." In other words, Anchorage police are arguing that they must be allowed to molest trafficking victims in order to do their jobs.This month the fight is in Alaska, where the Anchorage Police Department is opposing two bills that would criminalize "sexual contact" with suspected sex workers.

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