Laws on dating a minor in nebraska

This page details Nebraska's child labor law regulations.

Employment Certificates, also known as Work Permits, are mandatory in Nebraska for minors under 16.

First, the age of the victim and the defendant is paramount when determining if consent is a defense. This means that an individual under the age of 16 cannot legally consent to having sex.

The law draws a very fine line when it comes to the age of consent.

who attempts to purchase FDA regulated products and verify the customer is of legal age to purchase.

This is an each-and-every time requirement (even if you know the person to be of legal are.) If you "carded" them yesterday, you must "card" them again today!

For more information, please contact the Nebraska DMV.

At the time of your arrest for a DUI, your arresting officer may either immediately take your NE driver's license or give you a temporary license valid for 15 days.

Your driver's license will be suspended/revoked by the Nebraska DMV for: Within 10 days of being served a notice of suspension, you can request an administrative hearing to review your suspension and DUI charge.

It does not matter if the minor verbally agreed to the sexual activity, or even if he or she initiated the conduct, in the State of Nebraska an individual under the age of 16 cannot consent to sex.

Nebraska does, however, have a “Romeo and Juliet” law which prevents teenage lovers from being convicted of serious sex offenses when they engage in consensual conduct.

Just the mere allegation of rape or sexual assault can have a profound negative affect on your professional and personal life.

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