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In Guatemala, every work day would begin by doing the rounds at the office: saying hi to everyone, asking about their lives, shaking hands with the guys, and giving a small peck on the cheek to the ladies.If you met someone for the first time, you’d be quite formal, but after that it was a given that you’d act as I just described. S., I had a bad case, of “don’t know what you’ve got ‘till it’s gone.” , introductions were pretty normal… The following day was when the culture shock began.Ten percent of youth had gone through multiple forms of dating violence, or been the victim of dating violence and violence by someone who was not their romantic partner. How Often Do Hispanic Teens Seek Help for Dating Violence? Psychological abuse happened most frequently, with nearly 15 percent of young people experiencing it.

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Depending on the country, I’ve averted my eyes and refrained from ‘upsetting’ the perpetrator, or I’ve stared back sternly, raised my voice and made sure the surrounding people are aware of my discomfort.But a female traveller will also face prejudice around the world, in the form of sexism and discrimination, misogyny and objectification.She will have to deal with the resulting fears that may arise. Should she actively alter her behaviour, or her style of dress?More and more, researchers who study violence among romantic partners are starting to examine the unique issues faced by teens in violent relationships.In much of that work, researchers have focused on white and African American teens.But the feeling quickly faded, and I found that I missed that type of connection. While I am aware that this is not the reality in every U. workplace, my story serves to highlight some issues your Hispanic staff members may also be facing.

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