Late night adult chat


Maybe “Carson’s Law”, named after Johnny Carson, the king of chit-chat on late night TV. The content discovery site where 150 million monthly users upvote the best memes, GIFs, science tricks, and sob stories today launched chat and following features.

It's as though a feral mental patient is awakened from a bad pharmaceutical binge and shoved onto the set of a talk show. in the title) is a lot things: A tumult of stunts and bits that plays like an 11-minute punk aria; a sharp rebuke to the forced politeness and feigned enthusiasm of mainstream TV talk shows; a test of endurance for former reality-TV and child stars; and a nightmarish funhouse that swallows everyone involved, cast and crew included.

Robin Williams: 10 incredible roles, from Aladdin to Good Will Hunting Conan O'Brien pays tribute to Robin Williams during show taping Very few people will know what it's like to win an Oscar, but it's brilliantly articulated by Williams during his appearance as a guest on David Letterman's late night show."The moment they announce your name, English becomes a second language.

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After charging across the studio and yelling out a barbarian war cry, he tackles the drummer of his jazz combo.

From there, it's a blur of carnage that's different every episode: André eating fistfuls of dirt from his potted plants, teabagging a bound crew member or fighting off attack dogs.

The question is whether Imgur can keep these private channels from turning into sewers.

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